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KNBF is Norway's largest association of local boat unions and personal members. So far more than 370 local boat unions with 47.000 members are connected to KNBF, either by their own boat union or directly as a personal member.

KNBF is divided into seven regions and leaders of these regions, together with the president, vice president and CFO, form the central board.

Our work can be divided into three key elements:

  1. Better conditions for boat owners in Norway.
  2. Safety at sea.
  3. Climate and environment.

We do:

  • KNBF works for the boat owners interests against politicians and authorities.
  • KNBF has become a remiss organization for the authorities in all matters concerning use of private boats.
  • KNBF speak for the boat owners in media.
  • KNBF have a leading position in the Norwegian Boat Survey (Båtlivundersøkelsen 2012 and 2018): Look at video here

KNBF are member of:

  • Nordic Boat Counsil (Nordiska Båtrådet)
  • European Boating Association (EBA)

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